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Business Law/Contracts

Sana Abbasi is able to advocate on your behalf in a business agreement.  Language is everything when it comes to negotiating a deal.   She can draft a full contract, review and negotiate your agreement, or even offer redlining to agreements.  Only a licensed attorney should be drafting your agreement.   Sana Abbasi can do this for you.

Oftentimes, individuals need assistance with forming their business.  Coming from a family of entrepreneurs,  and having experience forming businesses, Sana can help you and advise you on what type of business formation will work best for your needs. 


Restraining Orders

Seeking a restraining order or defending against one requires expertise from someone who is experienced in both arenas.  It is critical to hire a lawyer who is not only effective in bringing out your story, but who also is knowledgeable with the law and how the civil and criminal courts handle restraining orders, respectively.   Sana at Sana Law can represent you from the beginning to the end in your restraining order matter and present your best case to a judge.

Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, and you need zealous advocacy, contact Sana Law.  Sana Abbasi has been "of counsel" to the Law office of Sergio H. Benavides, a defense attorney who has been practicing for over ten years.  We work together on many complex matters and refer cases to each other.  Thus if you want someone knowledgeable, then it is important to contact attorneys comfortable and familiar with how the criminal justice system works.    

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Prenuptual and Postnutputal 


Are you getting married?  Did you know that if you want a prenuptual agreement drafted, there are very specific rules to the procedures that must be followed in order for the courts to effectively enforce your prenuptual agreement? Did you know that your prenuptual agreement can be unenforceable over a technicality in the agreement or the procedures in which the agreement was accorded to and assented to by the parties? Hire Sana to draft and represent you in your pre-marital prenutual agreement  


Our office does Immigration Law--we help clients with their greencard applications, naturalization processes, provisional waivers, cancellation of removals, and various other immigration needs.  Many cases we work on have a criminal law aspect attached to the immigration matter.  Thus it is critical to speak to someone who understands how your criminal cases in the past may affect your immigration matter.

Litigation and Small Claims Assistance

If your case is a general litigation matter or a small claims issue, then Sana can try to even resolve it before taking the case to court.  Oftentimes a case may be in pre-litigation and having an effective attorney represent you even in the negotiations phase is a must.  Sana received the "best negotiated settlement" award from her law school's clinic, KGACLC.  She has successfully defended and sought claims throughout the bay area, California.  

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