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Sana T. Abbasi, Esq. is a California licensed attorney.  Multi-talented and dedicated to your legal needs, Ms. Abbasi is on your side.  In 2018, Ms. Abbasi won the nomination and seat for 10 Best Attorneys for Exceptional and Outstanding Client Service.

Ms. Abbasi is a June 2015 admittee to the California state bar.  Prior to becoming a state licensed attorney, Sana T. Abbasi, Esq.  achieved her Juris Doctor from Santa Clara University, School of Law, where she couldn't keep her hands off the law. She advocated in many clinics in law school and post graduation from law school, including the Northern California Innocence Project, and the Katharine and George Alexander Community Law Center.  She achieved the best negotiated settlement award for the KGACLC clinic's mock negotiation. 

Prior to her admission to practice, Attorney Sana T. Abbasi externed for the Family Violence Law Center, where she represented victims of Domestic Violence in Alameda County Superior Courthouse, as a law clerk.  She also clerked for a criminal defense firm.  At the Katharine and George Alexander Law Center, Ms. Abbasi represented individuals in wage-and-hour claims as a bar certified law clerk, and handled matters involving human trafficking and visas.   She also interned one summer at the Family Law Facilitator's Office, where she assisted self-represented litigants in paperwork preparation and procedures in the areas of small claims, debt collection, family law, and various restraining orders.

After being admitted to the bar, Sana T. Abbasi served as an associate attorney for a predominant family law firm, and also as an in-house counsel for a predominant company, her main client who owned real estate in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Southern California.  Because she comes from a family of small business owners, this influence has led her to continue to assist those in forming businesses and in hashing out agreements and reviewing them for you. 

Despite these experiences, she is passionate and a zealous advocate in matters pertaining to the criminal justice system (criminal defense cases) and immigration matters--an area of law which needs much attention with today's political climate.

For a nonexhaustive list of current practice areas, please click on the "Practice Areas" link above.


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